Logistics made simple

At Wereldo.com, we are building the backbone of global trade.

We are revolutionizing logistics by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to move goods from point A to point B anywhere in the world – via container ships, planes, trucks, and trains. By radically automating processes and designing a superior user experience we make buying and selling goods anywhere on the globe more efficient and easy than ever before.

We aim to create impact with our work, solve real-world problems, and digitize a multi-trillion-€ industry that fosters global prosperity.

We believe that booking freight transport will become as easy as booking a flight ticket.

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Our Team

Jakub Skopec,
cofounder, Product development

Tomáš Zahradník,
cofounder, backend developer

Milan Maroszczyk,
cofounder, implementations

Michal Gabonay,
Frontend developer

Máté Bence Tóth,
Country Manager - Hungary

Jakub Kalás,
Graphic designer

George Panagiotinos,
Frontend developer

Chara Niouraki,
Frontend developer

We Are hiring

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